Mittens likes Pina Coladas

November 16, 2008

So, CNN is reporting that Mitt Romney is stirring things up with the Republican insiders in the Caribbean, on the National Review’s yearly cruise. This is the same trip that brought the party’s elite face to face with Palin, which more or less launched her national career.

"Not an actual photo, but a remarkable simulation."

"Not an actual photo, but a remarkable simulation."

So, what does this mean?


I am really excited, obviously (and I don’t think it’s just the 103 degree fever thats talking). I wasn’t blogging during Mitt Romney’s run for the Republican ticket all those months ago and I feel like I missed out on the fun. I mean, there is just so much to talk about with this guy.

For now, I will briefly envision a 2008 campaign that featured Romney trying to go all the way, and not that McCain failure.

I think the election results would have been very different had the Republicans planted their flag in the perfectly shaped hair of Mitt. First off, he’s much better when it comes to the economy than Johnny-boy. All the fiscal conservatives I know have loved him from the start, and I get the feeling he wouldn’t have been sunk by the credit crisis like McCain was. Probably his biggest problem was convincing the theocratic conservative base that Mormons were Christians too and not some evil satanic cult. Perhaps the LDS sinking megabucks into the Prop 8 propaganda could have convinced the fundies that Romney wasn’t so bad after all; maybe they could get along so long as there were people asking for equal rights to be stepped on. Would Mittens have won? Probably not (at least I hope not), but I do think it would have been a lot closer.

One thing is for sure: I am going to love the 2012 election season if it means I can rip into that man’s silly beliefs, dangerous politics, and beautiful, beautiful hair. Is it too soon to make popcorn?


2 Responses to “Mittens likes Pina Coladas”

  1. Bellesouth said

    Wouldn’t a Mittens-Palin debate be like the most awesomest of the awesome?

    Just look at him, all Guy-Smiley like, with his perfectly gelled hair. What a gem.

  2. spgreenlaw said

    Oh man. That debate might rip the Republicans in half. It would be epic, on the scale of Godzilla vs. King Kong!

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