A Letter to Mike Huckabee

November 19, 2008

Governor Huckabee,

Today on The View you said that the LGBT community had not suffered, that they had not had their “skulls cracked”, and were thus unworthy of certain civil rights that are granted to others. I have a problem with that. There are others who would have had a problem with that as well, if they were still around to say so.

Matthew Shepard,  1976 – 1998. Murdered.

Harvey Milk, 1930 – 1978. First openly gay public office holder in CA. Murdered.

15,000 Victims of the Holocaust. Murdered.

Charlie Howard, 1961-1984. Murdered.

Rebecca Wight, 1959-1988. Murdered.

Julio Rivera, 1961 -1990. Murdered.

Sakia Gunn, 1987 – 2003. Murdered.

Albert “Ariana” Dribble, 1974-2007. Murdered.

James Patrick Zappalorti, 1945 – 1990. Vietnam veteran. Murdered.

And countless others, a few of whose stories can be found here.

These people suffered. These people died because they were lesbians, and gays, and trans, and somebody else didn’t like that. Their lives were stolen away from them, and now you choose to ignore them so that you can feel better about stealing away the civil rights of others. Tell me, Mike, did you have your skull cracked before you could marry your partner? Fuck you, Mike Huckabee.

No Respect,
S.P. Greenlaw

Anyone else who is angry about this, and I hope you all are, can send your message to Huckabee here.


2 Responses to “A Letter to Mike Huckabee”

  1. Frederick said

    What makes Huckabee all the worse is his demeanor and knowledge come off more convincing in the wake of Sarah “titanic fail” Palin. I hear he’s already campaigning in Iowa.

  2. spgreenlaw said


    It’s a scary thought that their exists a politician that can make Huckabee look even remotely competent. Sarah Palin is that politician. I wonder though, if the religious right is forced to choose a standard bearer in 2012, who will win their hearts and (very tiny) minds,Palin or the Huckster?

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