Poultry Power

November 11, 2008

Last week’s voting results have been bittersweet. We have elected a person of color to the White House, a building built by black slaves. At the same time, California robbed it’s gay and lesbian citizens of a basic civil liberty; Florida and Arizona also passed bans prohibiting same-sex marriage. I’ve seen many blog posts about these issues, and rightfully so. One mandate was an uplifting example of how far we’ve come, and the other was a stark, discouraging example of how far we have left to go. Having said that, in California there was another ballot initiative of significant importance, this one a cause for celebration, that has not gotten enough attention on the progressive blogosphere. Proposition 2, also known as the Standards for Confining Farm Animals, passed; marking a very important step forward in the fight for animal rights. Read the rest of this entry »