A Link and Some Ch-Ch-Changes

December 17, 2008

Firstly, I’ve been invited to blog over at Intrepid Classroom and I have my first post up! Check it out.

Secondly, I’ll be moving the adress of my main blog (this one) to it’s own domain, free from the tyrannical shackles of our WordPress overlords! Except that I’ll still be using their blogging software. And I actually really like WordPress. But in any case, I’ll give you delightful readers the new url once I get everything ironed out. Till then this will still be my base of operations, so don’t remove the Post-Punk Nerd from your bookmarks just yet.

Thanks for reading!


This is a selfish post. It exists more for myself than anybody else. However, if you bother reading it your opinion would be appreciated.

Currently, I’m debating whether or not I ought to go back to college. I’m 21 and I haven’t gathered enough credits to account for two semesters; I’ve tried my hand at four. My entire family and most of my friends seem to know what the correct decision is, as if it were obvious. Maybe it is. I should, by all accounts, continue my “education proper”. The problem is, as much as I love to learn, I have always hated school. Read the rest of this entry »