Yesterday the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) released its Annual Survey of Trade Union Rights Violations and the results are revealing but hardly surprising. 91 unionists were murdered around the globe, often by or with the support of “their” governments. Many more cases of firing, threats, and imprisonment to quash organizing are detailed in the report. As usual, Colombia, friend of United States’ economic imperialism, was the worst offender; 39 union members and supporters were killed in the country. Read the rest of this entry »



November 21, 2008

Real American Hero Sam “Joe the Plumber” Wurzlebacher has signed a book deal with some backwater publishing house (shack?) that’s only published one other book. Can’t he just stick to plumbing without a license? Fortunately Joe isn’t writing the damn thing; that task is left to an author by the name of Thomas N. Tabback. Tabback, if you haven’t guessed, is also the author of Pearl Gate Publishing’s only other item, a religious fiction novel entitled Things Forgotten. From what I can tell, Pearl Gate is Tabback’s very own vanity press.  Wow, Joe, you really hitched your inspiring All American story to a solid publisher, good job. Joe, baby, If you need a literary agent, know that I have full access to my parents’ basement. Read the rest of this entry »

A Letter to Mike Huckabee

November 19, 2008

Governor Huckabee,

Today on The View you said that the LGBT community had not suffered, that they had not had their “skulls cracked”, and were thus unworthy of certain civil rights that are granted to others. I have a problem with that. There are others who would have had a problem with that as well, if they were still around to say so.

Matthew Shepard,  1976 – 1998. Murdered.

Harvey Milk, 1930 – 1978. First openly gay public office holder in CA. Murdered.

15,000 Victims of the Holocaust. Murdered.

Charlie Howard, 1961-1984. Murdered.

Rebecca Wight, 1959-1988. Murdered.

Julio Rivera, 1961 -1990. Murdered.

Sakia Gunn, 1987 – 2003. Murdered.

Albert “Ariana” Dribble, 1974-2007. Murdered.

James Patrick Zappalorti, 1945 – 1990. Vietnam veteran. Murdered.

And countless others, a few of whose stories can be found here.

These people suffered. These people died because they were lesbians, and gays, and trans, and somebody else didn’t like that. Their lives were stolen away from them, and now you choose to ignore them so that you can feel better about stealing away the civil rights of others. Tell me, Mike, did you have your skull cracked before you could marry your partner? Fuck you, Mike Huckabee.

No Respect,
S.P. Greenlaw

Anyone else who is angry about this, and I hope you all are, can send your message to Huckabee here.

So, in addition to Sarah Palin’s doodles, we now have President Elect Obama’s Senatorial portraits to psychoanalyze. Personally, they remind me of the artwork in The Phantom Tollbooth (which I read and reread constantly in my youth).

Honestly, this sort of thing isn’t particularly important but it just got me thinking about what sort of doodling legacy the press will be dissecting if I one day decide to run for president. It might go something like this (following video nsfw):

Mittens likes Pina Coladas

November 16, 2008

So, CNN is reporting that Mitt Romney is stirring things up with the Republican insiders in the Caribbean, on the National Review’s yearly cruise. This is the same trip that brought the party’s elite face to face with Palin, which more or less launched her national career.

"Not an actual photo, but a remarkable simulation."

"Not an actual photo, but a remarkable simulation."

So, what does this mean?

It means… Read the rest of this entry »

No on 8 Protests

November 15, 2008

All over the country today people stages peaceful protests to show their support for the LGBTQ community and voice their dissent for the passage of Prop 8. I wasn’t able to get to one since I’m still sick but it is encouraging to see how many people made it out today, rain or shine. Catch some of the good feelings that solidarity brings and browse through the No on 8 Flickr set.

A Catholic priest in South Carolina has warned his parish that if they receive Communion after voting for Barack Obama, a pro-choice candidate, they are risking their eternal souls. The Reverend Jay Scott Newman has caused quite an outcry. Some are saying that this calls into question his church’s tax exempt status, which puts limits on religious organizations’ abilities to electioneer from the pulpit. I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t really add anything to that discussion. I’ve also seen complaining that the priest was stepping beyond his duties as a Catholic clergyman, or that what he wrote is somehow out of bounds on theological terms. That is simply not true. In fact, he was being a good Catholic. The real problem is what being a good Catholic entails. Read the rest of this entry »

War Is Over, if You Fake It

November 13, 2008

Over a million copies of the New York Times are currently in circulation across the country, spreading the word that, among other things, the Iraq War has ended, a cap on executive paychecks has been set, and a free university education is now free for all Americans. The only problem is, they aren’t actually published by the newspaper, and the stories are fake. Read the rest of this entry »

Red Hot Lovin’

November 13, 2008

I’ve come down with what seems to be strep throat and it’s left me fairly uncomfortable and very tired. Of course, this gives me an excuse to dally upon issues that I usually wouldn’t touch. Oh yes, It’s political gossip time. Over at Agitprop they linked to an article on the National Enquirer’s website that has eyewitness reports and a grainy photograph of John McCain’s wife, Cindy, kissing another man. You’ll recall, of course, that this is the same news source that broke the John Edwards infidelity story. They must be on a roll.

I don’t feel so bad for Mister McCain, though, who himself has a record of being an adulterous asshole. And, yes, before you ask, I do feel dirty linking to the National Enquirer and the Daily Mail in one very icky post. It must be the fever that made me do it.

Barack’s a Mac

November 11, 2008

According to 9 to 5 Mac, Barack Obama will be the first President to use a Mac. Check out the source for some salacious photographs; of particular note is Joe-the-Biden hovering over a Macbook Air, and the pacmanesque sticker about ready to chomp into the backlit Apple icon on Obama’s Pro. Since I also happen to be a lover of Apple computers, I am feeling positively presidential.

Oh, and they’re obviously a bunch of latte sipping elitists.