New Blog!

December 18, 2008

From now on I’ll be blogging at Update your bookmarks and join me, won’t you?

Special thanks to Morgante.



November 21, 2008

Real American Hero Sam “Joe the Plumber” Wurzlebacher has signed a book deal with some backwater publishing house (shack?) that’s only published one other book. Can’t he just stick to plumbing without a license? Fortunately Joe isn’t writing the damn thing; that task is left to an author by the name of Thomas N. Tabback. Tabback, if you haven’t guessed, is also the author of Pearl Gate Publishing’s only other item, a religious fiction novel entitled Things Forgotten. From what I can tell, Pearl Gate is Tabback’s very own vanity press.  Wow, Joe, you really hitched your inspiring All American story to a solid publisher, good job. Joe, baby, If you need a literary agent, know that I have full access to my parents’ basement. Read the rest of this entry »